Pretty Ridiculous Dance Moves

Tomb Raider 8 y-o shirt (oldest item in my closet haha)
H&M pants & belt
Cacharel thrifted oversized jacket
United Colors Of Benetton cardigans
Topshop Shoes
American Apparel scarf

Pretty Good Dance Moves - PGDM

Shredding is really addictive.
Maje blazer
Quai de Scene shoes
H&M diy shredded shirt
American Apparel dress & scarf

This guy is really awesome + バトル・ロワイアル

I just couldn't let him go without a photo. Really.

I've been noticed by my dear Sacha H. that this is JeanPaul Paula.

(rue Tiquetonne)

I just saw Battle Royale (by Fukasaku). At least. And I'm going to watch it again. Tonight.

(she's just my favorite)


Topshop shoes
American Apparel leggings, hoodie, scarf and belt
Comptoir de Cotonnier diy shredded shirt
Zara cardigan
I ♥ Addicted bag


Iko Iko (Adeline Rapon & Harvey Cindy Pekar) dress & headband
Jonak boots

I want to be a Nativos

And I love Mariee Sioux's album.

Iko Iko

veste/pull : Sandro
pull rayé: Benetton
robe : Maje
collants gris : ?, au dessus de collants bleus : American Apparel
chaussures : Mellow Yellow

écharpe : American Apparel

White Monday

American Apparel scarf
Amercian Apparel tights over unknown tights
Petit Bateau DIY ripped dress
H&M long sleeves shirt
United Colors of Benetton sweater
Caroll old oversized jacket
Dr. Martens docs