Je commence à me fatiguer de Lookbook. C'est moi ou ça devient complètement uniforme ? Je ne suis plus autant inspirée qu'au commencement. Il y a encore quelques rares personnes vraiment stylées qui continuent à être elles-mêmes, et pour la majorité, je suis "fan" sur LB.
Je déménage donc sur Chictopia, que je trouve définitivement plus hétéroclite, mais sans arrêter de poster sur LB. Je viendrai donc beaucoup moins souvent.

Lookbook begins to tire me. Is this me or it becomes completly uniform ? I'm not as inspired as I was at the very beginning. A very few true stylish people are still on it and continue to be themselves, and for the most I'm a "fan" of them on LB. So, i'm moving on Chictopia, wich I find way much heterogeneous, but I still will post on LB. I'll be less often on it.

Old drawing (April 2007)
, by me.



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abby c m a dit…

I am in total agreement with you! When I joined lookbook at the beginning of last summer, I was happy to see people from all over the world showcasing unique fashions or just things I simply wouldn't see walking down the street.
Now it is almost like going to the local club, most things are boring, overworn, or straight out of an Urban Outfitters magazine. Half the time I feel like people are only getting "hyped" because they've edited their photos to be "cool". Whatever. Blah.

Anonyme a dit…

Well I was initially a chictopia fan...but i started to get bored because everything started to look the same, black white and grey over and over. so i moved to lookbook and now im bored of both. time for something new!

Lara a dit…

j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup ton dessin.

slackstation a dit…

I think both are sadly true. Lookbook is like stepping into a club with very pedistrian looks and yet chictopia seems to favor and feature the very conservative end of chic.

In the end, I think chictopia is a better working site and will eventually have a better community.

Anonyme a dit…

You are very gifted as a stylist and photographer. Hope you find a good forum for your talents!
Chictopia unfortunately looks like an extended advert for American Apparel--you deserve better!