Je me suis par respect humain caché la face de mes deux mains

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Lise a dit…

love the pic!

Anonyme a dit…

You are gorgeous and j'adore your style.

Anyway, I've tried searching for the accurate lyrics + English translation of that Mistinguett song (love it) but no luck. Do you think you could get them for me somehow please? Thanks!


Dear adeline,
I've sent you an email regarding our interview. :) I hope you could reply me a.s.a.p :) Thanks x


Dear Adeline, I've re-emailed you! :) x

Adeline Rapon a dit…

Thanks !

Nicole : I can try to translate for you, but don't expect something perfect!
One night [I was bathing]
My skin for only swimsuit
Nobody could see me, except the dark sky
The moon suddenly came to expose herself
I was going to tell her "Shut up baby"
When i heard close to me a cry of emotion
There was a man on a rock
Not enough high
The man did "ha!" and me in the water
I said "ho !"

He saw me naked, bare-ass
Without (cache-(sexe) = loincloth, truc muche = thingamajig) nor (soutient-(gorge = breast) = bra, machin = thing) (can't be properly translated in english)
It made me blush until the morning
He saw me naked, bare-ass

By human respect
I hide my face with my two hands
But I think
That by this rash act
I forgot to hide some little fuss

He saw me naked, bare-ass, more than naked
He saw me naked, bare-ass
I want to forget what happened
All the more so nothing's broken
But I keep thinking since this wicked night
That I coulnd't marry
Another man than him
He saw me naked, so naked, super naked
He saw me naked, more than naked, so naked

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much Adeline! :) Never stop posting, your outfits are always so beautiful!

Morgane.J.A a dit…

J'adore ce dessin!

Pauline a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ce dessin =)