Kirsten Dunst : Petite interview

Il m'arrive des choses complètement folles depuis que je tiens ce blog. Et ce jour là ça a été franchement exceptionnel... Avec Alix et Louise, nous avons rencontré et eu l'occasion de discuter avec Kirsten Dunst.

Pour tout remettre dans un contexte, Kirsten est la nouvelle égérie L'Oréal Professionel, et elle était dans une suite de l'Hotel Meurice où défilaient les journalistes depuis le matin. Nous passions en dernier, vers 19 heures, et le stress montait, montait...

Kirsten Dunst est une actrice qui m'a accompagnée durant de nombreuses années avec ses films. "Entretient Avec Un Vampire", "Jumanji", "American Girls", "The Virgin Suicides", "Super-Man", "Marie Antoinette", "Mélancholia"... Elle m'a fait rire, pleurer, et je ne sais pas, c'est un peu cette actrice qu'on aime beaucoup, on ne sait pas grand chose d'elle (en même temps je ne me renseigne que rarement sur la vie des acteurs et lis encore moins de tabloïds), elle est jolie, elle a ce drôle de rire dans les yeux, bref. Peu importe qui j'interroge, il y a toujours cette réaction : "Ahhh je l'adore"... ou encore de la part de mon frère "JE L'AIME TELLEMENT DIS LUI QUE JE L'AIME".

Bref, tout ça pour dire que voilà, je me suis dit que ça va des stars j'en vois plutôt souvent, à Paris. Oui mais voilà des stars que j'apprécie vraiment et à qui je peux parler, ça c'est franchement plus rare. Donc malgré mes "non mais ça va, tranquille, tout va bien", mais l'avoir en face VLAN confidence partie se faire la malle.

Mais Kirsten est quelqu'un de franchement abordable, et elle nous a bien mises à l'aise... Je tiens à remercier Louise qui n'a pas perdu le fil de l'interview et a su franchement gérer ma panique.

Merci aussi à l'équipe de L'Oréal Professionnel (Camille ♥) !

PS : Cliquez sur les liens, il y a des petites images partout !

Kirsten : (to Alix) I love your telephone purse

Alix : Thanks ! Hello Kitty ! 

Kirsten : No ! Your purse ! 

Alix : Ah purse ! (laughs) Thank you ! I bought it in L.A. ! 

Adeline : So... yeah... since we're three bloggers, we wanted to do something maybe different. We know that you're here since 9 in the morning, so, we would like to ask you questions about about you hair... (silently cries for help)

Louise : So maybe... I'd like to know if you find some inspiration from internet, maybe blogs or on Pinterest, Tumblr... 

Kirsten : Yes ! There's one, it's called like "My Little Pony", a Tumblr, and it's like all girls who color their hair on these crazy ways, and I was going to... I didn't ended up doing it actually because I thought about L'Oréal. I was like "Oh wait ! I probably shouldn't dye my hair lavender right now because I have to do promo shoots for L'Oréal ! But, I wanted to dye my hair lavender. But that blog is amazing ! These girls are just so many different !

Louise : I wonder how they do that ? 

Kirsten : It's pretty amazing ! 

Adeline : Like the rainbow! 

Kirsten : They do so many many different things ! But I love the very very pale washed out lavender, but still it's blonde, like it was darked out... you'd think my hair is blond, but it's got that... like lavender to it. I'd wanted to do that. So yeah, Pinterest I feel like I've only been on because of my girlfriend's mariage, we were looking at these Pinterest pages... But yeah you find good ideas. 

Adeline : At first I thought it was something like only obsessive people do... 

Louise : But we are ! 

Adeline : Yes ! I tried ! And now it seems I can't stop now that I have it on my phone ! 

Kirsten : So what do you look up on Pinterest ? 

Adeline : Fine jewellery...

Kirsten : Fine jewellery you like to look up. (to Alix) You ? 

Alix : Decoration !

Kirsten : Decoration you like. (to Louise) And you ? 

Kirsten : Ah yeah ! 

Louise : Yes ! By the way ! Do you have icons that give you inspiration for you hair ? 

Kirsten : You know what ? Definitely ! It's all been towards my life different, like the one I want my hair like July Christie, and then I want Charlotte Rampling hair and then I want, hum, in "Paris-Texas"... hum Nastassja Kinski hair... and, but, I mean, you know. It's like I don't look like them ! I look like me ! You know what I mean... But I do love... I've always looked up to films and women of the past for my inspiration, definitely. 

Adeline : Yes, the three of us too ! 

Kirsten : Yeah !

Louise : But hum, it's funny, I like the fact that you can change of characters everyday and you do that with your movies ! 

Kirsten : Yeah definitely ! I used to be able to do it more everyday, like when I was younger. I went to the vintage store, I found that perfect thing, and you know, I went to the tailor and I got this taken off and I got to cut this myself... and now the older I get, I'm getting too lazy... 


Kirsten : I really am ! I go through phases. There's actually a good... Do you guys go to L.A. a lot, or not really ? 

Louise : (pointing Alix) She goes ! 

Alix : Yes ! Not so often !

Kirsten : There a cute vintage store I went to recently, it's called... It's on Melrose... You know Creatures of Comfort ? Have you heard about that store ? So, it's like across the street, it's called Chuck's Vintage. She has a lot of cute victorian clothes and good prices too ! 

Alix : Yes, I wanted to ask you what were you favorite stores in L.A. ? 

Kirsten : L.A., I like Creatures of Comfort a lot. 'Cause they always have good easy brands, like APC.  What else ? Hum... Sometimes i hate shopping ! 


Adeline : Me too ! 

Kirsten : Yes ! I just want it all but i don't want to shop ! 

Louise : Yes ! Internet is great ! 

Kirsten : It is ! And it's so easy to return, it's like : wait. All I have to do is go to the posting service that's in the corner of my street ? So yes i do shop online a lot !And it helps to have designers as friends because they're like "oh just keep it !", and I'm like "GREAT !". 

Adeline : Since we're talking about this, you often get free clothes, we too because we're bloggers... 

Kirsten : Yeah and you have to write about this, I get it, I get it ! 

Adeline : Thats how we often discover brands etc., so did you discover brands like that and you just want everything from them ? 

Kirsten : Right, at the time there was no actress nor any girl I knew in America wearing Isabel Marant, no one. Or Vanesssa Bruno. I was like the first American to wear both those brands, and now they all came to the States and it's not special anymore...

Louise : Did you discover that in Paris ? 

Kirsten : Yes, because I would come here and I was doing press when I was younger for  "Spiderman", like in my early 20's, and no one had Vanessa Bruno in the States and no one had Isabel Marant either. So, even during "Marie Antoinette" I had everything as well ! I had the best coat and that, and that ! And no one in L.A. had it and now everything is there... You know things get ruined for me sometimes, there's not that for you anymore, you know when you got that special store in Paris and it's only there and now you can get everything everywhere kind of...

Louise : It's so sad ! 

Alix : Thank you H&M ! You know... the collaboration with Isabel Marant...

Kirsten : Oh yeah ! I have one cute dress from that... but yeah there's this feeling of everyone wearing it, you still wanna find that special ... 

Louise : Well that's why I like Japan, there's a lot of brands that don't exist elsewhere...

Adeline : There's no Topshop in Paris... 

Louise : There is ! A permanent one, in Les Galeries Lafayette

Adeline : Ah !

Louise : I have an other question, because in your movies you have so many different hairstyles... so,   you have a favorite one ? 

Kirsten :  I think my favorite hairstyle was... I went to a famous colorist in Paris, he's called Christophe Robin, the famous... yeah. He dyed my hair in a very pretty light baby blonde and it was cut like this kind of, and i think that looked the best on me that kind of style it was like a pretty blonde cut. 

Louise : Was it on a movie or ? 

Kirsten : I don't... no it wasn't a movie... sorry. But i feel like, for a movie... I think i liked my hair in "Virgin Suicides" because it was all of us together, all blonde in the sunlight...

Louise : I just watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" again and you have these cute braids, it's really really cute on you ! 

Kirsten : Yes !!! I wore that a lot in my life too. I used to wear that a lot when i was younger, a lot ! Sometimes i'm still trying like... ah... nah I'm 31 now ! You shouldn't do these braids ! Nah, I dont care...

Adeline : Oh you don't look like you're 31 ! 

Kirsten : nah... yeah... it's okay haha ! 

Alix : I guess you travel a lot, so I was wondering what's your favorite beauty product when you travel, that you take in your coffin, that are good to travel ?

Kirsten : You know what ? I used to be better about that than now, because now you have to put everything in little plastic bags... I dont really bring anything in the plane, i only got a lipbalm on a plane. Literally i use the lipbalm for my eye cream, under my nose, I'm not someone who's got a lot of products in bags. We just can't anymore so... yeah.

Louise : Well thank you very much ! 

Kirsten : Thank you ladies ! 

Louise : We learned a lot ! 

Kirsten : Yeah ? (laughs) In 5 minutes ? 

Louise : Yeah ! We all like your movies a lot so it was really nice to meet you ! 

Kirsten : Thank you !

Adeline : You made me cry

Kirsten : Aw ! (laughs)

Louise : You know yo gave a lot of inspiration to lot of french girls, you know like the blogs, with your movies. Especially like "Virgin Suicides

Kirsten : Yes, "Virgin Suicides" was a big fashion. Have you ever seen that movie, "Pic-nic At The Hanging Rock" ? Have you seen "Saving Mr. Banks" yet ? Ok, it's not that its like the best movie, but Emma Thompson is great and theres too sides in the story of the movie and these little girls are so.... they're wearing these white little victorian dresses with black tights and black boots, they look so cute with their little hat... just to see the little girls, how they dress in the older part of the film, it's really cute. 

Louise : Okay ! Thank you !

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Anonyme a dit…

Ton article est surement sympa pour celles et ceux qui parlent anglais.

5under25 a dit…

I absolutely adore her, especially in Marie Antoinette which is my favorite film of all times! You're so lucky ^.^

It's About L.A a dit…

Quelle belle opportunité tu as eu !


manoune a dit…

Je suis définitivement jalouse...

Ade a dit…

Je suis jalouse aussi, et en même temps bien contente que vous ayez faites cette interview. Kirsten Dunst est l'une de mes actrices préférés car j'ai l'impression d'avoir grandi en même temps qu'elle et que beaucoup de ces films m'ont touchés. Alors bravo à vous 3 et surtout merci !! Elle a l'air géniale, et tous les liens sont bien utiles ;)

Valentine a dit…

Merci merci pour cet article ! à chaque fois, je me disais "bon, elles ont fait une interview mais... qu'est-ce qu'elles se sont dit ???" et ça y'est, tout est révélé héhé ;) ça devait être fou fou fou !
(et puis les liens sont top, bravo pour le travail)

midori a dit…

Je suis jalouse aussi!!!! you're super lucky! J'aurais aimer la conaître!!!! bisous

elise a dit…

Merciiii pour cette retranscription !! C'est super de pouvoir lire tout, même si on sent une gène d'interview ça a dû être top de parler à Kirsten en vrai !! Dididi je vais peut-être en rêver pendant mon sommeil !!

Unknown a dit…

Merci pour la retranscription de l'interview! Vous avez eu de la chance de la rencontrer, en plus elle a l'air sympa :) Et puis, c'est très inspirant, je vais checker tous ces liens ;)

obat kanker alami a dit…

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Lady Vintage a dit…

wow!! Quelle chance, des moments comme ça... juste top :)))

Julie a dit…

Quelle chance! C'est une superbe actrice, qui à l'air très simple et naturelle!


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Georgina a dit…

Tu as vraiment de la chance rencontré une star comme elle cela doit marquer a vie :) ! Bon je ne suis pas bilingue je n'ai pas tout compris de l’interview mais merci!!

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