Conférence de presse Dumpe Fresh

(cette photo me fait penser à cette chanson :


Topshop blazer
Sandro débardeur / tank top
Cheap Monday jean
Quai de Scene chaussures / shoes
Addicted sac / bag

Sofia saute et Gilda aussi.

Bientôt le compte rendu de la conférence :)

12 commentaires:

denise a dit…

i super super super love that bag you always use! the black one :) I love how it resembles a YSL Muse briefcase, super jealous!!

love the outfit too :) cute shoes and necklaces!!!

Rosa-Bosa a dit…

Seriously love it :b
Very nice outfit :)

Iris a dit…

i saw you on lookbook, i relly love your style :)

Anonyme a dit…

love the jeans with those shoes. this whole outfit really works for me!

Victoria C a dit…

recently found your blog and i love your style! those shoes are great

Olya a dit…

Love the white outfit. White looks great with your skin-tone.

Podszewka a dit…

I like this kind of style ;) rock and sexy ;) Have a nice day ;-)
Podszewka from Poland !

Alice a dit…

oh, cheap monday is from sweden like i am too.
i really enjoy all your photos and outfits! :)

rummage_it a dit…

this outfit is AWESOMMMMMMMMME!

Etta a dit…

Nice outfit! Looking amazing.

Hilly a dit…

Tu es absolument parfaite !
Très jolies photos, bravo.

Anonyme a dit…

Le sac Addicted est juste trop magnifique !!!!!
Tu sais où est ce qu'on peut trouver le magasin "Addicted" s'il te plait ?