T'es barge

Sandro tshirt
Mango short
Topshop chaussures

J'ai été interviewée dans SiegMagazine, allez faire un tour ! (page 12)
I've been interviewed in SiegMagazine, go check it out ! (page 12)

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PUNKIE a dit…


christelle a dit…

je suis fan de ce tee shirt!

AJ a dit…

i love those boots!
and the photos are amazing :)


evita nuh a dit…

your t-shirt looks soo cute! :D

Mari a dit…

Those pictures are very alive. Your blog is excellent. I follow it and have great respect for it. I just started one too if you want to see it too.

Atelier's Closet

T-SQUAT a dit…

I wish I could speak French so I could understand your blog! But I do enjoy your images :)

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